Saturday, February 19, 2011

Results of the FNSI

Hi All,
So I sewed!  Here's the pattern from a free pattern site, Sewhooked.

It is the phoenix, Fawkes, from Harry Potter... Sewhooked's interpretation as a paper pieced pattern. I love it!  I sewed it, and this is how this one looks. 

I've made him before, but of course they are all given away - right away.  This one is for a card for my BIL.  I made another Fawkes for a different (very different - British) BIL when he had a heart attack, and lived to tell about it.  To me they both rose from the ashes... This BIL is doing quite wonderfully. Coming back from a brain bleed, being blind and not being able to talk or move his right side... to talking and being able to see and eat on his own ... I call that rising!  DD is feeling better after her 5th chemo doses... some side effects that aren't pleasant, but she is handling it in an upbeat, positive way.  We knew she would.  Only one more to go.

So go over to Sewhooked if you want to paper piece some HP patterns.  It's fun..  There is another site that I'll call the friends of Sewhooked which links to other paper pieced patterns, some of Harry Potter, that were designed by Sewhooked's friends and that are copyrighted, also.  You can use them, just not to make something to sell.  Sewhooked does sell some patterns.  You can probably find it on either of these two links.

Well, that's what I sewed for the Friday Night Sew In, so I'll now get on with the rest of the day... see if the ladder can be used. We need to pick more of the oranges for sharing and juicing... we had a lot of rain in the past two days, and it may just be too dangerous to be up on a sinking ladder.  Maybe tomorrow.  It's my idea of heaven... up in the trees in the sunshine picking oranges or tangerines.  There are thorns, though.  I showed you the ones on the lemon.  Orange and tangerine have them, also.  But the fruit must come off soon, the trees are making flower buds, and once they open, there will be bees!  Danger Danger Danger!!!

Hugs to you all!
PS stop by the  Butterfly Effect today to see 11 more butterflies.  They are beautiful!  My buddy Nina
from Make a Boob has a very pretty butterfly there.  I've gotta get going on mine!  You can make one too.  They are taking any media, and anybody... even kids - since it is a remembrance charity for children, I think that is very appropriate.  In fact when you see the ones that are already sent in you will see the children do very well, and in lots of cases their butterflies are more beautiful!  So help out... you'll enjoy the creative outlet!