Sunday, October 24, 2010

Getting ready

We are having a storm today!  Wind and rain only, but lotsa wind.  We took all the little Halloween plants off of the patio yesterday and are storing them in the garage.  They will need to be there for our little diorama of Hogwarts Greenhouse #3 on Sunday so that'll save us another step on Sat or Sun.  We moved over 200 plants, brought out the indoor plants as well, so they are altogether now.  It's amazing what is left over.  I ditched the 5 potato plants in drinking cups.  They each had 1 or 2 tiny potatoes in them.  Some of the seeds and pits didn't germinate, so they are not with the 200+, and some cuttings looked terrible after the whole summer and not transplanted, so they aren't going either.  I worked hard, and now feel lonely... like my babies will soon be off into the world without me.  Hope I can figure out the photo thing before I give them all away.  I'd love to show them off.
Working on the seed packets, too.  I have seeds for Agapanthus, Columbine, Oak, Mimosa, Birch, Spearmint, Mullien, Catalpa, Tangerine, Cosmos and Hollyhock - and I thought I might not have enough variety to do the seed thing this year! 
Well, I'd better get to it... Thanks for stopping by.  <3 U, Terri