Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Rest of the Tutorial

To see the beginning go here.
 Not a very good picture... I'm showing you how to make sure you have enough seam allowance for the piece we are about to sew. I lift up the end of the pattern so I can see the line on which to sew and the fabric underneath. Looks good, this time. Otherwise move the pattern and fabric to get about a quarter inch to the right of the sewing line. Sew on.
 This is the first 8 pieces sewn on.  You can just sew two 9s and two 10s as this pattern would have you do, but I've made hundreds of these and it finally dawned on me that I could sew the two pieces together at this point, and add one #9 and one #10 across the two blended pieces.
Now this is how I make sure the sewing lines line up. I poke pins into the lines of the two pieces - corners especially - then

add the pins to hold while sewing and take out the poked ones. Sew the seam
Remove the paper of the seam allowances of the seam just made so you can iron the seams open. Saves bulk here.

Oops, added #10 first. (This is how I get into trouble... I can't count.) Now adding #9

And here it is finished. I'll trim the fabric to the seam allowances (showing on the lined side) so it looks nice when I blog about it on Saturday at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. 

Hope this helps you all to paper piece. It really is like paint by numbers, except it's best to keep in chronological order.

Any questions - leave a comment or email me. I'll help as much as I can.