Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mason's Second Birthday and a fabric picture

Here's the Birthday Boy! Not yet 2 until next Saturday, but I think Daddy has to do his weekend of Guards that day. You can see here that the party was lots of fun. Lots of toys and tables out in the yard, lots of kids and their parents.

This is the Birthday Boy's Dad and 22 year old Big Brother. I just can't believe I have a grandson that old. How did he get that old, when I'm still so young?

Here he is again...handsome, huh?

 And below is the youngest granddaughter.  She's 7 months. Very tactile...loved the lace top I wore. Guess I need to make something lace for her to play with.
You can be so demure when Grandpa is taking the picture, but....

she loses it when Daddy comes to eat cheeks!

Chewing my purse. Easy to get pictures of her, but the little brother was on the move the whole time!

Now for the fabric.  You might think that it' s not quite right to show  this after such a lovely party... well the fabric was part of the party. While shopping with his Mom, the Birthday Boy picked out this chunk of fabric for his Granny. Mom mentioned that the fabric is what I used to make quilts, and  he decided he should "pick" some for me. He took almost a half hour to choose this grouping. 5 Fat quarters for me.... I can't tell you how wonderful it makes me feel. I think he needs a little drag around quilt out of his choices... What do you think?
So that's my report for Saturday. 
Have a lovely Sunday tomorrow.