Friday, September 21, 2012

"Sewing" for my little Fountain

Finally I did something to show you... not much, I'm afraid.

So it seems that my newest grandson is quite the little fountain...
(I'm the perverse granny who is proud of him.) Since the two parents are having such a time getting wetted, (even though I made 18 Pee Pee Tee Pees for the shower) I thought I'd make changing pads for under baby.  I bought water proof fabric, and pinked the edges. The fabric came in a package of 3 pieces 21" X 24" and I got it at JoAnn's. It is not only waterproof but breathable. (They suggest lots of uses, and there were all kinds of booklets to buy that show how to make cute little diaper covers from this fabric. I didn't want to get that involved.)  Below shows the 3 fabrics. I made the changing pads out of the green fabrics, and the orange will go on bibs that I have planned. The 3 pieces were $15.00 - price of a yard of it.
 Below shows the pinked edges. (Think he'll mind the pink part?  LOL)  (I give up... every time I try to put this picture on X-Large it goes blank.  The rest of them loaded the same way have no problem with being enlarged.) I also rounded the corners.... Whew! work, work, work.

On another note...
Our Foreigners (from the UK) arrived and we had a wonderful day with them. Hubby (center) and his Brother (on the right) had lots to talk about... he brought old family photos.... I even enjoyed that... (Who would have guessed that one's MIL could ever have been that beautiful. I've seen uglier movie stars!) and Brother's Partner and I talked plants and quilts... believe it!  He was wondering if a quilt he wanted to buy was worth $18,000.  (No no, you are seeing right - Eighteen Thousand Dollars!!!!!!!!!!) I have to admit that a Hawaiian Quilt might be worth that - the way he described it.

These three pictures I took outside of the Spaghetti Factory while we waited.

These are the two brothers - 5.5 years apart, and as different as can be. (There was another Brother in between them, and he was very different from these two. Sadly he has passed... gone ahead to find some rooms, I guess.)
It's hard to get a picture of Hubby without he is talking...
Sadly, they have gone home, but not until they spent 3 days at the Mall of America...(as I understand it, they tripled the US economy while there. LOL) It's always their last destination when they are in the States. I wondered why -Brother said it's the staffing. The people who help are always so nice there. Listen up shopkeepers of the UK. B' Nice! as my first grandgirl would have said 17 years ago. Treat your customers better.  After all, they are your bread and butter.

So things should settle down soon. I'm still working on the quilting of the same two quilts... want to do a really good job.... just fighting some depression - the old lady vice, I guess. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.