Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Since Last Time...

I finished the bow ties... These are the last of 16.
I made them for the Bitty Block Adventure from the Quilty Pleasures blog - run by employees of the QuiltMaker Magazine.   I really enjoyed making them. This month's block is really involved... a basket. I don't even know how many to make. I think I'll make a paper pieced pattern and make them that way. I'll be more accurate. These are supposed to be 3.5" and some are only 3.25". Oh, dear!

I love containers. This is a box from Christmas cards a few years ago. Just couldn't throw it away. Inside I keep my

clips that I found a new use for....(I know the grammar is bad, or is that badly? Lol) Anyway, I used them to clip all the tiny pieces I cut for the Bow Ties. Each block had its own clip. (Without the clip I kept losing the little 1 1/4" knot parts. I hate when that happens.

Now for the true confessions part of the blog:
Someone was making hearts yesterday, so last night I tried it. Nooooo I wasn't making two. I put the bottom on the wrong side. Guess I'll make second halves now. (Maybe I need to have an affair? I'll have two valentine hearts... what to do with the second one?)

And this is my finished Project of Doom block #5. We are making a Harry Potter bookcase. The book at the extreme right is the Invisible Book of Invisibility. Once the whole quilt is put together you'll see this one as background. The gold band gives it away. I might change the second book, since it has the same bottom band as the print of the book next to it. I thought I was coordinating the two books. It looks a bit like it is levitating. If I can find a book on the list with levitation in the title I'll leave it the way it is. (That blue print is left over from a skirt I made for my SIL.)
Hubby planted out the Christmas tree today. It's been getting lots of new growth on it indoors. I took pictures, but none of them turned out... they're all fuzzy.  That's the way things are here....FUZZY.
Tomorrow we get to take our old married Grandgirl out to lunch. We are looking forward to that!
Happy Hump Day,