Friday, March 21, 2014

Grandgirl Wedding Gift Quilt Started

After changing my mind a dozen times - you know how tempting it is to see all these gorgeous quilts on the blogs and only have a couple of months to get this quilt started and finished... by June 15th or so. Here's what I finally got going.  It's a quilt I've been seeing lots of places. I think it has a nice "together we will face the world" theme... just right for a wedding, I think. Right now there are lots of blue and purple. I had blue already cut for the squares with wonky stars that I made for RSC (Rainbow Scrap Challenge), so those were easy to start off this quilt with. It takes 3 - 8" X 2.5" and  two 8" X 1.25". Easy sewing, but the cutting is killing my back.  Any suggestions for that?

and a close-up, of course.
Sorry it's so blurry. You will be seeing this quilt again (and again, I'd guess). I'm trying for a king size. Each block takes me 7 minutes, and I figured I need 257.... that's 30 hours of just sewing the blocks. I wonder if our recipients know how long a quilt takes to make. You know there is choosing fabrics, cutting fabrics, ironing, arranging blocks, sewing blocks together - then ironing again, sewing the backing together, ironing that, making the sandwich and basting, quilting and making the label, sewing on the label and then the binding... none of which is included in that afore mentioned 30 hours. (We are amazing, aren't we.) Especially when we do these things for folks we don't even know. Some quilts are for charity! (No less work.)  This one is for the oldest grandgirl... the first daughter of my daughter... you know that makes it special!

A picture of one of my newest little ones...
...a lovely little oak that started up since I blogged last! (Acorns gathered at the park.) They really come on fast at first. Wish I was at my new residence... we'd plant this little guy out into the yard. (I'm still addicted to planting seeds and having plants all over the house. I do want to have our special Halloween at the next place, but I don't want to move too many plants... it's devastating when they don't make it.
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