Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Decorations at the Mall & weird cloud patterns

Hi again,
I went to the Galleria Mall in Roseville, of a purpose to take pictures of their Christmas decorations.  It's a big shopping center that recently had a giant fire, and maybe that is why there just wasn't much in the way of decorations for the Season.  Anyway here are some of my photos:

The entrance to the mall.

This is just a pretty Christmas quilt and pillow in a window display.

One of the windows that was actually decorated.  I don't know if you can see it, but the "snow" is like giant sequins on strings.  I like the design for a card, maybe.

This is some of the crazy clouds we saw on our drive home.  At first we thought it might be air plane contrails... when did you ever see a contrail interrupt a cloud bank?  Weird.

This is either a cloud baby or a cloud wart... right above our across the street neighbor's house.
Then we raked leaves.
(Wish I could show you the project I am crafting, but there are some out there who actually follow this blog who will be receiving the end products, so I'll refrain from bragging. Suffice it to say that I checked out the type of product at the mall today, and this year I think I'm right in keeping with the newest trends!  I think that's because I read the blogs of some younger crafters and they have influenced my designs.  Anyway I hope the recipients like their gifts.  Back to the production line.)
So there you have an interval from my day.   Hope you enjoyed it.
Love to all my followers.  You know who you are!
<3 Terri