Thursday, February 2, 2012

2 more HP blocks and a thread catcher

Hi Friend and Welcome!

I've got a couple new HP blocks to show you...
 You know who this is.... Hedwig. I made a little mistake on her head, but I see others have made the same mistake, so I don't feel so bad.  I just figure she is in a wind storm, and one of her head feathers it whipping up...
Now this is supposed to be a potion bottle, but I think the potion looks more like a Rose' or Merlot... you know, like wine. Didn't think about that. I just liked the  color with the yellow background. I used the "wrong" side of the background for the glass. Clever, huh? The pattern doesn't address the fact that the cork would show through the glass. Maybe on the next one I'll include that.
This is the little thread catcher I made. It's just a lined triangle that you sew part way up the sides to form an enclosure. I have different buttons on each side. If you'd like the directions you can find them at Needlingthings where she has a nice  tutorial for you. I'm thinking I'll make them for Valentines to my Grandkids and Daughters. You can use them for little stuff on your dresser. They were easy to make, but I made a mistake on mine the first time... opening got too small.  (Don't sew up the sides too far... only about an inch and 1/4.  I'll have to make the boys' macho fabrics... bugs or fire trucks... then fill with candy. That's the part they like.
Here's the latest contraption.  I got it as an early Valentine. I like it better than cut flowers, or candy. It's a rotary blade sharpener. (Isn't he romantic?)  I hate to throw away things and buy something you already have.  You don't get ahead that way.  This will serve me well, and save throwing blades. Thanks Honey!

Sew that is it for today. Thanks for stopping by.