Monday, July 16, 2012

Crazy Mail, Plants, Rainbow Challenge & I Spy in works

 Look what came in the mail last week... addressed to me! I'm not at all into hunting. Fishing license it too expensive, and we have no gear.  Who got the idea to send this to me - a woman? LOL


We are doing our Halloween plants a little differently this year - we're digging up the squirrel trees (you might call them volunteers, but in our neighborhood none of these oaks are close enough to drop acorns in our yard... you know who is planting them) and we're planting them in "pots".
They really are beauties.  These are the oaks.

Sweet gums

and these are mostly Mimosa. 
We've got 19 trees so far, but there are many more to dig up and pot. It's going to be mostly trees this year, and some indoor plants. (I have the kitchen window full of avocados at various degrees of sprouting.


Now on to something quilty:

I've been thinking about joining Soscrappy's Rainbow Challenge . I've been hacking around the sewing room looking for a pattern that would be easy and lend itself to the brighter colors. (That day I was lucky on 3 occasions.) found these blocks... leftovers from a quilt I made for Project Linus a long while ago.  I have these and some orange ones done already, too.

Next up: the I Spy for the next grand baby... This is the flimsy. Paper has been removed, and the Hubby found 2 blocks that need repair. (The #1 piece moved on the way to the sewing machine, I guess, and there were 2 holes!!! EEEEEEK and GASP!  I made new blocks, just like the other ones - easier than ripping the old blocks and resewing - now to set them in. It'll be okay. You'll see.

Some close ups...

Oh and I've started to cut blocks for the Tetris game.  Click on the side bar button to learn more about that one. I've got 4 different pinks cut so far.

So that brings me up to date with you all... Thanks for stopping by.  And thanks for writing such entertaining blogs. I love blogging.  It adds alot to my life.