Monday, March 12, 2012

I hope you have noticed...

 Tuesday is the Master Sergeant's 40th birthday! This is why we called him the Turtle.
Happy Birthday Scot!

Hellooooo Dear Friends,
I hope you have noticed the two new buttons on my side bar.  (I finally figured out how to get them to stick, with the help of the blog  "Sew Many Ways" - look for that blog on my list and go there. She has lots of different tutorials on blogging... you may have to look for the list at the top.)

One of the buttons is strictly for fun. "May for Me" is a Bingo game and you can win prizes... first you need to make a Bingo card (a mini quilt)... well, use the button and go see how it all works. (Please let me know if the button doesn't work.)

The top button is a charity quilt challenge... make a quilt or two for one of the two charities. One charity is for grade school kids in the New Orleans area hit hard by Hurricane Katrina, and the other charity is for cancer patients.  You know that the second one is the one I'm choosing. There are prizes and other ways to participate all along the way... comments to leave, etc. So how about joining in? There is still time to sign up.  Again use my button and see if it works.... and please let me know if it doesn't.

Well, I'm off (like a dirty shirt) to go make a Bingo card, and plan my charity quilt for cancer (in honor of "you know who").

Hugs to you all especially the Birthday Man,
Terri (aka Mom)