Thursday, November 11, 2010

Make some Boobs for breast cancer!

First, I want to say a Thousand Thanks to all the Veterans out there.  Your sacrifice is very much appreciated in our house. We have 2 Veteran sons, my Hubby is a Vet, my Dad was in WWII and at least one of my Grandpas was in WWI.  (They cover Air Force and Army, and Army/Air Force.)  And to the Disabled Veterans a double Thank You.  I'm sure we all wish there was some way to repay you all!
God Bless You!

I wasn't going to blog today... not ready with the tutorial on  book covers, but I found this on Mrs. Moen's blog.  She's from a Scandinavian country - Denmark, I think - and I enjoy her blog very much.  Anyway, she has started this project for breast cancer.  Go check it out.

Mrs. Moen's breast cancer project

I made 2 pair already.  They are pink and rough cut, so the ladies there can cut them out however they wish. (I won't show mine as they are rough cut, and not so pretty... and I want you to go to her blog and see how easy they are to make.)  I'm thinking I'll make some more, too.  Gotta do something... I have fabric. LOL (You know that is an understatement!) and I have time.  I've made a few mug rugs for my DD to share with people she meets while waiting for tests and such.  She's been diagnosed and now faces all kinds of tests, doctor visits, etc.  She's always been a giving person, and now has to give up some of her volunteer activities. I know she is missing that... so this way she will have something to share... and I will feel like I've donated to her wellness. (We live 600 miles apart.) Don't feel sorry for her... she wouldn't want that, but you can pray for her.  She is in good spirits - as usual - and she is following the doctor's advice. All seems to indicate a positive outcome. Pray and promote Global Smiling!

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<3 Terri