Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter and H2H Check In

I don't have any lilies for Easter, but I do have an orchid blooming.

Hope you are having a wonderful Easter. It's sunny and 55 here, but the wind is blowing, so we have a wind chill. Still, happy for a sunny day!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

My First Set of Multicolored Geese

It's that time of day when I can't tell if this is a fuzzy picture, or is it my eyes.  I'll take another picture for Saturday the 8th.
I used 2 fabrics here that have the same group of colors. I like it, but it wasn't easy to get out of my stash. Multi is going to be a real challenge, at least for geese.

Again, have a great weekend.  We are getting some days of sunshine!


Changed my Mind - Again

I've abandoned the scalding colors of the star quilt I was making for H2H. It just didn't set right with me mind, not right for a kid at camp. Then I thought of using my butterflies.... would be great, but it's mostly white and there aren't enough of them. I've decided on a string quilt with a central block of paper piecing - if it turns out nice. The block is a free pattern from Janeen over at Quilt Art Design. This month (only April) she has an Intermediate pattern for a darling little fawn that I just couldn't pass up. Go ahead - give it a look. You won't be able to resist.

Some cutting was done for the string parts, that should work for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge as well as the H2H offering. There are pictures!

 Already cut strips (above) and (below) is the stack of other I Spy favorites I plan to use.
More kid friendly...and not all white.
Went to see the eye doctor. He said my double vision is from a nerve stripping, a result of Diabetes.  Should be done in a couple of months... (Sciatica took almost a year, so we shall see.) The eyes see fine on their own, but together I see like a drunk! Everything is double. It could be worse though. While we waited the doctor took a call cause he was on call. The 94 year old lady's eye blew up! (She needs it removed.) I'm a lucky girl.
Have a wonderful weekend!