Monday, October 1, 2012

Commissioned Quilt done and shipped - along with a few gifts

My first commissioned quilt - done and shipped

Below is the label - I used Fray Check on the raw edges. It should keep it from fraying. I've had a shirt that has raw edged flowers on it, and wear it at least once a week, (so it gets laundered at least once a week for 5 years or so) and the flowers are still in tact!

Below is a close up of the quilting, and the prints. The fabrics - all from my stash - that she chose are sooooo pretty.
She wanted it for the livingroom - to cuddle up in... so I made.....

 a present with the leftover squares... I used some of the waterproof fabric - the orange color - and made 6 coasters, tied with some of the backing material.

 Here are the six. The orange on the back goes pretty well with all the colors. (You can see a bit on the green one, top left, and on the brown one below it.

This is my latest "genius" idea.  It's one of those elastic bands to hold your hair back. The way I made this one, you can adjust it. I thought the grand (teen) girls might like them. This is the prototype.  Below it is extended.
I didn't want to model it myself - and I surely didn't want the hobby to model it... (I think I could have talked him into it, but nobody wants to see a man wearing this.  So (shout out to Sarah -) it is clean and never been worn.

The depression seems to have passed again.... thanks to all you well wishers! I am a bit bummed though. My favorite rubber stamp store is going out of business. Linda has been in business in Placerville for 13 years!!! as  long as we have lived here.  She feels like a close friend. They will be moving to Oregon soon. I will miss her sooooo much.Today is supposed to be National "Make A Card" Day. I should make a Bon Voyage card for her.

Now I'm off to see what this Wicked thing is over at Cheryl's blog. Somehow I missed the directions or description....

You all be good while I"m gone, and if you can't manage that, at least have fun!