Friday, March 16, 2012

Out and In and Bingo card

(I'm not getting old or anything, but I had to look at the pictures to see what this blog was all about.  Also, I hope you don't think I'm shouting, but I had to up the size of the type, so I could read it... another old lady thing!)

 I got a traveling box of fabric, books and patterns on Thursday! So I sat right down and checked it out.  I kept the books Luscious Landscapes and Scrap Quilts, a Dogwood Delight pattern, and about 2.25 yards of fabric (2 larger pieces and 3 fat quarters) all shown in the first two pictures below.

I added into the box the books Fabled Flowers, Art Quilts, and Quiltart: Curves Made Easy, 3 and 1/2 yards of fabric, and 4 butterfly squares and a pattern for applique fairies... I'll never do applique, not well enough to bother with the fairies.

That was fun!!!! Now I need to check in with Sarah to see who gets the box next.  I hope it's U.

On another note.... I finally finished my Bingo card.  Ta Dah...... 

The pieces represent:

Under the B: Blue daisies, Blue coated pirate, blue background baseballs, blue eyeballs, blue dragonflies
Under the I: yellow roses, yellow butterfly, yellow chicks, yellow background letters, yellow background stars.
Under the N: red background dog, red bricks, center space (black), red leaves, red cherries.
Under the G: green swirls, green leaves with ladybugs, green golf course, green background hearts, green swashes.
Under the O: purple bubbles, purple paisley, purple circles, purple triangles, purple polka dots.

I think this is the happiest I've ever been with a project I've made. The yellow and orange title piece came together so well... how did they know to make the color change along the lines of my columns?  I used letters printed out of the computer at 120 point and the enlarged by 142% to make the BINGO letters at the top... I traced them using my very excellent light table and filled them in later. I quilted in the ditch with black thread, and then pieced the binding in scrap orange pieces.  The ends went together without a hitch - I used to struggle with that, but now I've got it down to a science - no measuring, no swearing or crying. I wish my quilts were so fun and easy! (To Sheila, I know I said I wouldn't put the word BINGO on the top, but I changed my mind... woman's prerogative.)
If you'd like to participate in the BINGO thing use the second button on the right side bar. I'm kind of going at this blindfolded... we will see what it's all about.

Next on the "To Do List" is starting the quilt for Hands 2 Help Charity Quilt Challenge .... check it out to see if you would like to participate. Let me know if the button (there on my sidebar) works.
I have a pattern in mind, now to pull fabrics. (Shay, that's one of my favorite things!)

Hugs to you all,