Friday, June 22, 2012

Home Again, Jiggle d pig! A graduation, a face on the tree, and a covey of crayon blocks!

We've been to another graduation... This time Ashleigh, our granddaughter, has graduated high school! We are so proud!

Some pictures - indulge a granny.

 Ashleigh our latest graduate! Congrats, Ashy!

 The Graduate, her Mommy, Chrissy (my Daughter extraordinaire), Rachael, the basketball queen, and Emalee, the volleyball queen. (Missing are the baseball king, Ben, and the dad, Will.)
We miss you all! Thanks for all the entertainment and yummy meals. We had a great time!

 With the sign grandpa made...

She and her friend sang the National Anthem, and later in the program they sang a real tear jerker...
 I was a crying mess. So proud!

Now since we are back home...
Here's one of the faces I saw this week. Melanie, I see them in shadows and light, too. I have since childhood. Here's the first one that I have ever tried to capture on a photo.  See the clown on the tree trunk- I'm usually quite afraid of clowns. He has a cigar, and a really big nose! (On another tree, during the winter I sometimes see the Virgin Mary. She doesn't talk to me though. I wish she had.)

Here's what I've been doing besides housewifery this week. I'm making some crayons (paper pieced)  I modified a pattern from Fandom in Stitches - (go to the Children's section, or the Animated section.  They will be under the Blue's Clues patterns. As always they are for charity and personal use only.) I love them. The backgrounds of each block will be a different white on white print, and the "papers" on the crayons are prints in the same color, but a slight variation. You can't see the red paper is tiny polka dots. Each one takes 1/2 hour, but that is after choosing fabrics, washing and ironing fabrics... you know the drill. The colors around the outside of the blocks are just so you could actually see the white parts of the blocks... It's a white design wall. (I linked up to Can I get a Whoop Whoop? )

Well, I'm off to color my world... read some more blogs, then make some more crayons! I might even bake a cake... it's cool here for the next few days, perfect - 70s for a high today. That means I allow myself the use of the oven. No using the A/C today!

So Keep Cool! (Tootsies in a tepid pan of water is my favorite way - with a tall glass of icy something.) Happy Summer and have a wonderful weekend!