Saturday, March 3, 2012

Here's the game!

I have a huge, but not complete, collection of the Harry Potter Paper Piecing Patterns from Fandom in Stitches. So the other night I put them in a file, so I could find what I wanted to make next without the Internet, which, lets face it, is less than reliable. I filed, and while putting them all away neatly (really - me!?) I showed them to my hubby to see if he cold tell what the pattern would work into... It was a fun game. There were a few he could define, but most - nope!  But I got this idea for a little contest... could my peeps (that'd be you all) figure out what the pattern would turn into...?  So I'll show you a few pictures I took while sewing it up, and you decide what it might be.  First to guess correctly will win the block - that's when I'll show it.
 I guess you should recuse yourself, Jennifer... Sorry, but you would know right off, wouldn't you?

Here we go:

All done, just needs some trimming and a press.
 Now you leave a comment with your guess.  Good Luck!

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