Friday, February 1, 2013

February 1 and it is Harry Potter Paper Piecing

So I guess we are off to a slow start here... Hey, Cheryl. Hope you are not nursing the flu at your house.  Cheryl and I were going to do this, but we aren't very organized. She is going to work on the Project of Doom from Fandom In Stitches (once you get there select the Harry Potter button and you will find the PoD and other patterns for free usage... You can't sell the patterns or anything you make with them because of licensing and copy right laws.)  I'm just going to make more of the blocks. I use some to make get well cards, and well, I just like making them.
Here are a few I've made before...

Crookshanks (the cat) is not an easy starter project, but Hedwig is not too hard. Actually, all the ones on the right are easier than the left side.  If you need help with paper piecing, check out Jennifer's instructions on the Fandom In Stitches site. I have some tips that have helped me, but there are 27 more days this month. ---- And that does it for me today.  I'm going to try the houseelf, Dobby, tonight. I've got some "flesh" colored fabric for him.

So have a wonderful weekend. It's supposed to be 60s here and sunny. We are going to trim back the roses, and hope they don't notice that I should have done it a couple of months ago.

P.S. The banner has been updated with all my newest palm blocks, and orange notations where I have a few more blocks to make... I know it doesn't look that filled out, but I've been working like a fiend on it, honest.