Monday, December 19, 2011

Sending off some blocks...

Howdy folks!
I'm reducing my stress/guilt UFOs by one. I started this quilt as a wedding gift, but neither the bride nor the groom liked it, so it's going to a church group who makes quilts to give people in need.  I like the idea, and I might just give away a few more of the unfinished things around here.  Here's the first candidate - an old picture from last year.

Since this picture I've sewed rows together. There's all kinds of color, and a variety of off white set with it.  I'm hoping they will make it look great and give it to someone who will love it.  It's going to Sarah Craig who blogs at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  Sending it tomorrow, Sarah.

I sent off some 4 patches a while ago, too.  It's for a breast cancer charity...(BTW my daughter just had her  reconstructive surgery. She's in alot of pain still, but hopeful that she will be done with surgery now.) The charity is run by a daughter who lost her Mom to the disease.  You can donate a few blocks. To see the requirements go to Regina's blog. I sent 11 blocks this last time. See if you can beat that!

Also sent off two paper pieced butterflies that have been hanging on my design wall for a while. I sent them to  the Butterfly Effect... you will have to look around for the address. This blogger is done with her project and handing it over to a museum now, but they are still collecting butterflies. Make one in any medium - painted, collage, fabric.... whatever you like to work with. They want one for every little kid killed in the camps during the holocaust. I think I'll make another and that'll be one for each of my kids who were healthy and lived into their 40s so far. (How can that be? I'm younger than that, am I not?

I've got a neato idea for a house for Beth at Love Laugh Quilt. Her deadline is Jan. 1, 2012, so I'm cutting it kind of close. (I always do this. Think of something at the last minute.) I have the pattern set, I'm picking the fabrics, but I thought I had some pebble fabric... and I just can't find it. I looked in the brown box, I looked in the bird box (mostly browns in there) I looked a little ways down into the multicolors... nothing. Maybe I never did buy any... I have admired it many times.  Anyway, I'll make a second choice for that part of the design, and maybe I can send it off on Tues or Wed.

Sew what are all you doing? I love reading your blogs.... probably why I'm not getting much of my stuff done. I know my hubby would love to have some time on this contraption. Maybe tomorrow.