Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A binding tut at a different location

Hello Friends,
I'm late, I know. I promised to share a secret - and got side tracked.  Actually there was alot of worrying going on here yesterday, so I didn't feel like putting on the happy face.
Our daughter is in the ICU still, and will be for a couple of more days. (As you know, she had surgery yesterday.) The surgeon took 40% of her liver on one side, and made some holes on the other side as well... She's only got 50% left. Surgery went well - said her hubby when he called afterwards... I never felt so sorry for my SIL as yesterday.  I've never heard him so close to crying. Please keep up the prayers. She still isn't out of the woods.

Here's a really good tut on the "right" way to end your binding in a smooth way... I found it today on one of the WIP Wednesday sites:

Let me know if you want that Traveling Box.... Check back a few blogs to see how. Some of you seem to be confused as to how to apply for it. Only one person has done the right thing to get it.  Drawing on Saturday.

Sorry, but that's all for today.. Just don't feel like uploading the pics, or any of that linking stuff