Tuesday, May 13, 2014


So since they updated something on my computer, I can't access the title field! I hope the publish and save buttons work.
Anywho, I made 2 pink blocks for a charity for breast cancer (bugger doesn't deserve capital letters) that Sarah from Confessions of a Fabric Addict mentioned on her blog. Since it's a cause close to my heart (not me!!!) I like to join in whenever I can.  Here are the two blocks I'm sending.

Hubby took some flower pictures from our yard, too. Here's a little Spring from CA
 These are Pineapple Guava (a bush) - aren't they pretty and unusual. The fruit isn't that good, and you've gotta be Johnny on the Spot to make any use of them, so we don't. The possum gets them all.

Tiger Lilies from my #1 Son and DIL years ago. They're still good in a bigger pot, and I'm hoping to plant them out at my next house - where ever that is.  The pot is clustered with a tangerine (I started from seed) and the pomegranate I bought at the grocery... it needs repotting, but I wanted to wait until we are at the next house... There is also a variegated holly plant that I bought at Lamb's - a grocery in the NW... I've had it a couple of years now, and it's gotten berries on it. Right now they are light colored. Maybe I can start a new one from the seeds???? Anyway there are other plants in those pots, too; an orange rose that I started from a cut stem in a bouquet, and a little single white rose that I started from seeds that my hubby gifted to me 20 years ago. There are a couple of Buckeyes from seeds and a couple of other trees that the squirrel or birds planted. It's a nursery in the making.

(Now I can't see the enlarge button for the pictures either...)
Happy Spring!