Friday, January 7, 2011

The big reveal!

Today, as promised, here are the pictures of my boobs.  I've been working on them during the Christmas events (after the gifts were made and shipped) and now I'm ready to share them with you.

I am diplaying my boobs as the Mother Goddess statue in a challenge to other sewing bloggers to make and share their boobs, for a very worthy cause that I will share later in this post.  For now we will go to the pictures:

File:Venus von Willendorf 01.jpg

Oops, this is the Goddess I thought had the multiboobs, but time has tricked my memory, and alas she looks more like my real self.  No, the Goddess statue that I wanted is this one:

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She is just covered in boobs!  She is Artemis of Ephesus, a goddess of ancient Rome... Mother Goddess.
And here is my picture, a modern interpretation of Artemis:

The front boobs are made with leftover paperpieced butterflies from my #1 DIL's quillt.

The back boobs are  pieced from scraps sewn together out of my scrap bin... this was lots of fun!
Sew!  the challenge to other sewers is to make yourself into an Artemis of Ephesus and sew lots of boobs for Mrs. Moen's breast cancer charity. Before you send them to her, take a moment, pin them to your shirt and make yourself into the Goddess that you know you are!  You can find the directions and information on the Make a Boob blog at:
Remember to get your Mamagram and if you are younger than 40 and have pain in your boobs, fight with your doctor for one.  My family knows that younger women CAN get breast cancer, and that early detection can save you a world of chemo, surgery and radiation.  (I just wish I didn't know this.)
So that about wraps it up for today.
Love to all you followers!!!
<3 Terri