Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome new followers! and bracelets!

You are the first new followers I've ever had that I couldn't identify... The mystery is delicious!  You are the reason I'm writing now, you've given me hope that I might, someday, have other followers... so thank you very much for signing up.  Welcome!
      Since all the gifts are now opened, I can now show the bracelets I made for Christmas gifts. I took 3 pictures of each set of bracelets, so I could show the 3 leaves on each cuff.
Sister's bracelets

DIL bracelets

Daughter's bracelets

These nine photos represent gifts to three dear ones.  I'll spare you the other 5, which would be 15 more pictures.  I made the cuffs starting with recycled shipping tape cores.  I am a pack rat, and have a hard time throwing away anything for which there may be a future use.... These bracelets vindicate me, and other crafting pack rats.  Anyway, to the core I added some quilt batting - using bits and pieces that have been saved from other projects. Then the 3 leaf blocks were made last year without an idea as to their use, so enjoyed the pattern and the making... without worry as to the recipients color choices. All were set on point and sewed together and then applied to the cuff and then sewed into the circular space.  They were made for this project and fit!!!!!!!!!!  Then to clean up the inside I glued a band of black to cover up the mess. Voila!  I was very pleased with the results, and that they were made in almost no time since the leaves had been made last year. I was also pleased that they represent a certain recycling bent I am on, not only for financial purposes, but from a very real worry about the planet.My grands should be happy about that. The paper piecing pattern for the leaves came from a QuiltMaker Magazine some time in 2009, I believe. I will be making more of them, and a few of them were made into boobs which can be seen on Mrs. Moen's blog.... see the address on my previous posting.
      The charm bracelets were my first attempt at making dangles or doing any bead work, and I loved it!  I had been amassing the charms and beads with my coupons to JoAnn's and Michael's Craft Stores for years.  I just had to work up the courage to make them. (I have a problem with perfection - inherited from my Mom, and if I fail to do as well at something as I would like, I usually abandon the effort. We are all still in the process of becoming.)  Well, this time I failed, and a few years later gave myself permission to practice... They turned out better than I thought!!!!!!!!!!  So I will be trying it again.  Beware! loved ones there are more bracelets and maybe necklaces in your future.
          Next time I work on anything I'll picture it in detail - if the camera will cooperate. 
          I'm off to work on a new quilt I have in mind for a very special person.  It is paper pieced from a recent QuiltMaker Magazine.  So those of you who get the magazine can look for the pattern... It has pine trees and stars on it.

Love you lotses and Welcome Mystery Follower,
<3 Terri