Monday, July 13, 2015

Last of the Sisters Oregon Quilt Show Pictures

Here we are again in Sisters Oregon. I've got a few more photos to show.

This is why my hubby likes to go with me. He loves to pet all the doggies.

This one is sort of plain piecing, but the quilting is all different colors and all flowers on stems.

This shows you what kind of town Sisters is... This fountain is for people and their pets. Also the landscaping on the boulevards is great. Lots of the spots have flowers.

You knew I had to have a picture of this one. (and the next picture are the same quilt)

This was hanging next to the butterflies. Cute

Here's a view from the drive home.

Here's the bag from the Stitchin' Post. And below, the three yards I bought.

The pink is for stash... gotta feed it. Blue bubbles may be used on a certain great grandkid quilt. The purple is for the Drunkard's Path (Love Ring setting) that I'm working on. Love the organic feel of these three. (Purchased with saved money from Val's Piggy Bank Challenge. Some is going back in for seed money.
So that does me for a couple of weeks. I'm moving almost 2,000 miles and we are loading one truck tomorrow already. The van comes  the next day for the heavy stuff we can't handle.
So be good while I'm gone.... No wild parties - save that for when I can join in. LOL