Saturday, August 17, 2013

It's Friday!

I guess Friday's are the day of reckoning for me. I did stuff again today!

I made 5 blocks for the QOV Big Blowout Block Drive over at Alycia Quilts. You make 5 blocks and send them in and you are registered in the drawing for lots of prizes! Every 5 blocks is a chance to win... Hop on over there  to see what's what.  I enjoyed making these - based on a foundation piece. There are two other kinds of blocks requested.
In other news: I've almost finished the new grandguy's first birthday present - the I Spy quilt I've been working on for longer than he has been alive! Putting on a hanging sleeve this afternoon, as I am hoping that it will be used as a game rather than dragged in the dirt, or used as a dog bed. I'll take pictures to show off. Come on back to see.
Have a wonderful weekend!