Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beware! another ginkgo brag with pictures to boot!

Don't look now, Dear Friends,  but I have 2 more new ginkgoes! (In case you are new to this blog, the big deal is that I've always admired the ginkgo tree since I first learned about them in first year high school. They are one of the oldest remaining plants on earth... around before the dinosaurs!!! I was thrilled to see one on the U of WI Madison campus the next year, and I've always loved their little fan shaped leaves.  There are male and female trees, and the females are really rare because the fruit they produce is smelly and that gets them cut down usually. But this spring we were hunting elm tree seeds (old people fun)  and luckily came across a female with fruit  and pits all around the base.  Like the promised land  to me. It doesn't take much to make me happy.)  Anyway, I had despaired of the few seeds in dirt that haven't yet come up yet, but here now that it's gotten really hot some more have popped up.  Puts a shamefully proud grin in this old face.

 And two in one pot!  They both came up at the same time and really surprised me this week.  There is another that we are being really guarded about - might not make it... looks like snails may have eaten off the top, or it got too dry one day.  We will keep our fingers crossed for that one.
Here's a comparison shot of the first one up, and these new two.  The first one needs a new bigger pot.
Have you ever started a tree from a pit?  I have 2 apricot from pits, and they have been giving fruit for years now.  That reminds me - gotta go pick fruit!
Thank you all for putting up with my brags... plants are my babies now... none of my kids live close enough to coddle, and wouldn't like it anyway.  Even the grandkids are getting old... Isn't it funny how old they get, so fast, and how young their grammies are?  I just keep getting younger and younger. (This grammy is giddy just ignoring spell check!)
Love you all!