Friday, January 20, 2017

Purples, Papier Piecing and Circles in a Square

This week I've done more than I have in weeks. I tried out a paper piecing pattern I got from Quiltmaker  (online) called Vintage Sunburst. It worked up into four strips of Flying Geese. They are quite small...2 1/2" x 9 3/4" each strip. I think there might be one purple I used twice, but I didn't use all of my purples - even by a long shot.  If I have chosen the colored fabrics first it still takes about 1.5 hours each strip. (I love 'em.)

Last year I didn't get in on the 365 challenge, and really admire the results of others, so I started my own this week. I've decided to use fabrics out of my 3 boxes of Multicolored fabrics. These two are the only ones so far. I'm appliqueing the circles to low impact colors.  I made a template that I can iron with and using starch to iron a circle, then I pin it into place and hand stitch. (I need something to keep my hands busy while watching TV at night, otherwise I go to check out the kitchen too often.)

Here's a close-up of the purple one... I love the gold worked into it.

Sew that is all for this week. I'll be making some more Flying Geese soon. I'll be linking to Sarah's Can I Get a Whoop Whoop? today, and to Angela's  Rainbow Scrap Challenge  tomorrow.

 We are having the January Thaw here... It even rained today. What a slushy mess.

Have a great weekend.