Monday, October 20, 2014

a mess of little plants for Trick or Treaters, DP blocks and fall colors

Our house did sell, and we have a very short time to get out, but Halloween is really fun at this house, so we negotiated staying until November 6 so we could have our special holiday. The new owner will come over to participate and see how it goes with an eye to maybe continuing the plant giving tradition. Can you believe it? We have so much in common - they came by a second time to see the place on Sunday. She's like a friend already and we've only met twice. She wanted to stay for the two weeks. Well, sure, if you want to work.

So here are the little plants for this year.

Above are butterfly bushes - lavender from my bush, and dark purple from our neighbor's. (With permission - of course.) (That's a box top inside a garbage bag so we can water without ruining the box and can carry the plants around.)

These above are lavender and an indoor plant I've never known the name. It's segments. I call it the Mimbilious Mimbilitonia, after Neville's plant.

Here's a wide assortment of my house plants and things from around the yard. There are Pigs' Ears, Wandering Jews, Creeping Charlies, Christmas Cacti, a couple of geraniums, spider plants, Lipstick vines and Morning Glory that bloom in a dark blue color.

And under the table are more little plants. I see some button ferns (I think) and Vinca Minor a ground cover ivy with shiny dark green leaves and blue flowers. The Osage Oranges that didn't go last year are being offered again. It's an easy to germinate plant that has an ugly fruit resembling an orange, but is not a citrus fruit. It's got a latex substance in it, so not to be eaten!
Now for a little Fall Color - My (for a little while longer) Sweet Gums are gorgeous, and very faded in these pictures.

 These leaves have been this color for a month and have not fallen yet. Others on this tree have, but these are here to delight me.

From my kitchen window over the sink.

At another angle - same window.

Now some quilting...
On the Design "Wall" (arm of the couch) the newest two Drunkard's Path blocks. I spent the sewing time cutting whites, so very little sewing done this weekend.

Sew have a lovely week of sewing - I'll be packing to move, and cleaning bathrooms, etc. You know how it goes.