Friday, December 9, 2011

Couple of new blocks

Just a couple of new blocks to show.

First is another Penseive

 I'm liking this one better than the previous try. (See below) It's the background... more contrast, I guess. And the wand on the one below is too dark to be seen, I think. (The picture below is much lighter than the actual block.. this time the photo is better than reality.)

And this phoenix is gone already. They seem to fly from my house. I've used them on "Get Well" cards to quite a few of my peeps. Below is a photo of the copy I made of  the recent card. I used some of those glue on "jewels" as tears. (I started with water - no that wasn't going to leave any marks... then I tried glitter glue, but mine takes forever to dry... after scraping that off I figured out the jewels. All of this is trial and error, and you wouldn't believe how plentiful the error part. Who was it that said "98% perspiration and 2% inspiration"? The longer I live the more I know that to be true.

 I used 3 different orangy reds on this version of Fawkes, and I like the green background. Punches up that red, plus it's Christmassy. I'm working on another that I've modified a bit so the tail looks like it fits with the rest of the bird. We'll see how that goes.

Anyway, I hope this one works for my DD. She had a particularly painful week. Bless you!

Sew that's it for today... and do me a favor... hug your kids today. No matter how old they get, they are still your babies. No matter how naughty they may have been, or are, give them a hug today. I'd love to hug mine, but they all live so far away.  Hugs to you, my babies, and lots of love.

and Hugs to all of you,