Monday, July 13, 2015

Last of the Sisters Oregon Quilt Show Pictures

Here we are again in Sisters Oregon. I've got a few more photos to show.

This is why my hubby likes to go with me. He loves to pet all the doggies.

This one is sort of plain piecing, but the quilting is all different colors and all flowers on stems.

This shows you what kind of town Sisters is... This fountain is for people and their pets. Also the landscaping on the boulevards is great. Lots of the spots have flowers.

You knew I had to have a picture of this one. (and the next picture are the same quilt)

This was hanging next to the butterflies. Cute

Here's a view from the drive home.

Here's the bag from the Stitchin' Post. And below, the three yards I bought.

The pink is for stash... gotta feed it. Blue bubbles may be used on a certain great grandkid quilt. The purple is for the Drunkard's Path (Love Ring setting) that I'm working on. Love the organic feel of these three. (Purchased with saved money from Val's Piggy Bank Challenge. Some is going back in for seed money.
So that does me for a couple of weeks. I'm moving almost 2,000 miles and we are loading one truck tomorrow already. The van comes  the next day for the heavy stuff we can't handle.
So be good while I'm gone.... No wild parties - save that for when I can join in. LOL

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Joining the Piggy Bank Savings Challenge again.

Just a big can from peanuts from Costco, and some strips of orange that were hanging around last year, and voila! you have a piggy bank for THE Challenge over at Val's blog. Try it, you'll like it. I didn't save all that much last year, as you know.  But it did get me three lovely yards of batik at the Sisters Quilt Show this past Saturday.  Every little bit helps.

Stop by here tomorrow when I'll continue to show the show and the fabric.


As Promised, More of Sisters Quilt Show

There are lots of little shops in Sisters. This stained glass was in an art gallery. Thought my Sis would enjoy this one.

 In the below picture: this quilt is in 3 pieces... and
those are 3D flames... see the close-up below.

 This particular part of the crowd was out behind the Stitchin' Post (quilt store).  I got 3 pieces of batik there. You can see the fabric tomorrow if you tune in.

Here is the front of the store from an angle... Here's where Sisters show started.

 Another little boutique store sells these rusty animals. Just down the highway there are 6 horses, 2 cowboys on horses and 2 dogs. In CA there's  a field along Highway 50 that shows a fox being chased by bunnies and all manner of other little creatures. I've always loved that spot.

 I couldn't get any closer to this one... it had a steady set of admirers. See the hubby on the extreme left? That's a very unusual spot for him. LOL

This one needed a picture - and a close up of his eye and pretty purple beak, below.
 Isn't the quilting gorgeous, too. The squares are 2" finished. (The eye was on 5 different squares.. The highlight on the eye is part of that particular fabric - just a polka dot.)
Come back tomorrow for the rest of the pictures. I've gotta get to my packing again.

Hugs and Happy Sunday.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

Just home from the show - a long drive there, overnight at Holiday Inn Express, early hours at the show, then a long drive home - safe and sound.
Here are just a few of the highlights - we  couldn't even get to it all. Lots of walking.

We started out from Vancouver WA and stopped in Wilsonville OR for lunch and to get a picture of this grocery... has my family name on it. Wonder if a relative started it or owns it.

This was the first quilt I took a picture of... Okay, bad grammar .... but you know what I mean. There were quite a few bad plain ole quilts before this one... with prices like $19,500 on them. Clearly they were not for sale. Lots of quilts were for sale, and even though we got there before the show was to start, quite a few were already sold.

Is the above quilt a Triple Wedding Ring? What kinda wedding is that?

 Sisters is a lovely little town with great little flower gardens in front of the stores and sculpture all over the place.
Thought I saw this quilt on the blogs... and there were others that were familiar. The artists names were not on the paper descriptions stapled to the quilts.


I thought I saw this one in a magazine.
This one wouldn't turn... but it doesn't matter, it's still really pretty.
 This one was different because the back of it said "Goodnight"
And here's another sculpture.
Well, I'm getting off to some more packing - I'll show the rest of the pictures tomorrow.
I bought some fabric, too. I know, big surprise. You'll have to turn in again tomorrow to see that.
Happy rest of your weekend,

Monday, July 6, 2015

Design Wall Monday, and Angels

 The July color is red over at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and last month's blocks for the Itty Bitty Row Along were these little hearts, so that is what is on my design ironing board. Later on in this post you can see the real work horse ironing board I invented to iron the flimsy and it's backing before sending off to the quilter.

Lately I've been seeing Angels in the clouds... Here is the one I saw 2 days ago

And here is the ironing facility I invented... a cotton blanket covered by a cotton sheet on top of my dining room table.  You can move the whole thing in order to get to the unironed spots. (I ironed from the bottom of the flimsy so I'd get the seam allowances to go where I wanted them.) 

Today I've gotta find a box and then ship it.
Now I see how Bargello works - I might make another MUCH SMALLER quilt like it.
Hope you all are enjoying some beautiful weather. It's been unbearably hot here, but the heat only lasts for a few looooooooong hours in the afternoon. We can manage this. Our next home is in cool country and we are looking forward to that.


Piggy Worth

Today is the day of truth... my Piggy Bank is empty right now. Took all the 'millions' out so we can move... in 9 days. OMG!  Now Val of Val's Quilting Studio wants us to 'fess up', reveal our Piggy's Worth. Sad little bank that I made for this event a year ago.

A year ago? Wow, that time went fast. Last year I was still trying to sell my house in CA. Here's my "piggy" bank, a fabric covered peanut can (from Costco). is filled again with fabric to take now to another new home. Hopefully, living there will allow me to fill it to the brim.

Well, I've put off the reveal long enough... my Piggy's Worth is:

I know, it's not much, but you have to remember that it was packed a good part of that year.
I really don't know what I'll use it for. It won't pay off my mortgage or anything like that. I am going to the Sister's OR outdoor quilt show this coming Saturday. It's only about 120 miles from here. I'll let you know what I buy there.
Thanks Val, for a worth while challenge. I promise I'll do better next year.
Sew - I hope this finds you all rolling in cash on this 6th of July.