Monday, June 16, 2014

New appliances and binding on half way, Hurray!

You know the story - the house cleaners tried to burn down my house... (details here)  The owner of the professional house cleaner company tried to renege.  What a jerk!  Our insurance company paid, and has a legal way of getting his insurance to pay them back. He won't like it, but that's how it's going to go. And here is the new range and oven. I used the oven twice now, and it's working nicely. The range gets used everyday and works fine.  So someone who buys my house will get  a nice new set. (God can use evil for good... one of the Bible verses I've been able to remember over the years.)

Oven has buttons - I'm used to knobs, so there is a learning curve. I'm still reading the volumes of paper. They had to build in the hole a bit, so there is some painting to do yet. "It'll get done" he says.


Binding is on - half way. I sewed it onto the back side, and will machine it onto the front. I've done that once before, and it works really well with the walking foot attached. (Those are straight diagonal lines with a wavy diagonal between them... the quilting. I'm going to practice some free motion on the charity quilts that are waiting for quilting. See how that works. I'd really like to be able to stipple. We all have goals in life, don't we.)
So a Happy Monday to you all. Hope this finds you on vacation!