Friday, May 3, 2013

H2H done!

Here's my latest innovation to my quilting regime... hair clips. Okay, it's not new to lots of you - where do you think I got this idea?  I really don't know from whom I got it, but I know it was from someone that I follow. Thanks for the great tip! They are not only easier to use than pins, but they don't distort the quilt or prick me. Best of all it was a package of 10 or so from the Dollar store!!!! So only ONE DOLLAR!

How did this  plant picture get in here?  It's the flower on my Croton. I've had the plant for 16 years or so, and this is the first time I'm seeing a flower on it. Not much to see, but it is the flower. When I bemoaned the fact that it probably won't make seeds due to no pollinator, Hubby said we should let in a couple of bees. Honestly, I worry about the man.  
Back to the quilt.

 Here are its final pictures.  Sunbathing!
I call it California Earth Tones. Our dirt (in lots of places) is orangy, and the sky is nearly always blue, and there are greens in here, too, for the multitude of trees of all different kinds.
(You know I'm not much for browns and beiges.)
The backing is light blue with stars.
And now a couple of close-ups.

You can see the wobbly line quilting I did through all the centers and then a thinner wobble crosswise through the seams - I won't try that again. It makes the squares look like they are badly seamed.
Live and learn.

I do love the binding I chose. All the edges are blue, so to keep the binding unobtrusive I chose a blue bubble fabric.  I like it, it's fun!
Sew I'm linking up to Confessions of a Fabric Addict. This is what floats my boat, this week.
Happy Weekend to you all!