Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Putsing and plants

I decided to puts (meaning to sew stuff I want to sew - nothing on deadline) for a while before I start back to quilting new grandson"s quilt. I found that the word (putsing) is not in my dictionary, and I'm hoping you all will just figure out what I mean.

Here's what I'm putsing around with....

Some paper piecing. I'm thinking about a quilt with rows of butterflies, ladybugs, etc.... all little paper pieced gems.

Here's a leaf that is going to be fall colors. What? Green is a fall color, too.

The latest look at the Magnolia I started from seed last fall.  I tried separate seeds in maybe 10 different  containers. This is the only one I got to grow. (Those $1 large drinks from McDonald's work really well, especially for trees. They want a deep container. I cut a couple of holes in the bottom sides for drainage, and put a salad bowl from Wendy's to catch the excess water.) It is getting really big leaves now, and I am proud as a peacock.
Here is a tiny twosome of MIL Tongue.  They were all rooted in water first... (start with a cutting and let it dry on the cut edge first (a couple of days here, we're really dry.). Then just set it into a glass with a bit of water in it.) Takes a while. They have been in dirt since early summer, but still no sprouts on the other 3. I may just have to keep those for next Halloween.  That green thumb thing is really just patience... wait and wait.....
So that's it for today. Come see me at WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced and It's a Party at A Creative Princess. They are linky parties with lots of interesting links.