Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shocker! A second post in the same day!

Are you shocked?  Don't be... I posted my quilt separately so I could show it on A Creative Princess. She is having a linky party today.  You can click on the blue print to go there. I'm #82, I think.

So while I was taking pictures I took one of the bird nest that we never even saw the birds build.  Here is the picture. See the nice neat nest right above our patio light?  There are 2 little blue Thrush eggs in there... and we never saw them building the nest. I've been out there working on the little plants a few times this week!

This is a rose I started from cut flowers we bought years ago from Costco.  Look at your cut roses, sometimes there is a sprout on the stem...right where a leaf comes out from the stem... that's a sure sign that your stem wants to become a new rose bush in your garden!  I cut off at the bottom - up about an inch, dip  the cut end into Rooting Hormone (the secret to my success!) and then get it  into a pot of soil and water it.  (Don't try this in the spring or summer. It must be too hot here during those seasons to do this.  And if you try it during the winter -  a cool winter that is wet like in CA - keep your plant under  a covered patio. I've lost some in the garden to heavy frost.

My lily is blooming again, too.

 These next few pictures are of the pineapple guava blooms. It was a little plant that was in our yard when we moved here. My hobby wanted to kill it.  (What is it with men?) I liked it even before we saw it bloom - the foliage is so pretty. The leaves are lighter underneath, and in the wind it is lovely. But then it gets these blooms! Aren't they fascinating?  It also fruits late in the fall. Fruit isn't that great... probably not the right climate here for this fruit. I do love the flowers though.

And these are visitors from our neighbors. They bought the plant, water it, and it grows over the fence and blooms in my yard! Gotta love a neighbor like that!  These are Passionflower! (I guess they were named for that cross in the center - for the Passion of Jesus on the Cross.) Aren't they gorgeous?  They grow really fast, too.  The first couple of years they were pollinated by butterflies that are not native to CA.!We actually had Julia butterflies here... they are only found in TX and FL!!!! I think they were attached to the plant.  I think they have died out now, but maybe it is just too cold for them to come out this year.  Our son and family in Anchorage are having weather that is similar to ours here in CA!  We are way below our average temp of 85 for this time of year.

So I hope you've enjoyed the current flowers in our bloomin' yard. And if I don't post tomorrow, have a wonderful weekend. (Well, even if I do post tomorrow, have a WW.)

XXXs and OOOs so far!

Hello Dear Friends,
So I've been sewing and sewing and what started out as one ox...

Then progressed to lots of oxen...

Is now looking like this.  I'm wondering what you think.  Should I make another O or X for the corners, or should I use a plain navy blue square. I'm leaning towards continuing the Os and Xs. What do you think? 
Here's the disclaimer: All are still on their paper foundations, and not yet sewed together - that's why some look so far away from the next block, and some aren't straight. It's that late night pinning onto the design wall. (Center os and xes are all red - the dark ones too, just a darker red.)

(Edit: Come over and see me over on a linky party at Confessions of a Fabric Addict and A Creative Princess - you might have to page down to the party... I don't know how to get there otherwise... still new at this techno stuff.)

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.
Tune in next time to see the flowers blooming in my yard this week.