Saturday, August 4, 2012

Chrissy needs your prayers again!!!!

No pictures this time... just a plea for more prayers. It's not good. She's been going to chemo all this time, and still the cancer is growing all over her liver... metastasized from her breasts. My poor baby...  I hate to bother you with this... I know we all want to be happy and worry free here in blogland, but I need your help. This time the treatment is injecting chemo beads into her liver. It is done in the hospital, it's very strong poison, so because of that some stay over for weeks because they can't stop throwing up. Pray your hardest and best prayers, please.

(For you new followers who don't know about my youngest and only daughter... She is not 40 yet and has had chemo, a double mastectomy, radiation, half of her liver removed, and now more and heavier chemo (and a shot that is very painful every few weeks to try to keep her immune system up so she can have more chemo) and still the cancer is advancing. She is a married lady, has 4 kids ages 18 to 10, loves to help others, but can't anymore.  She used to volunteer at the Food Bank, at the schools, and at the local nursing home. She is loved in her family and community.  I mean she is a keeper! Please pray for my Chrissy.)


Tetris blocks, new palm blocks

Latest Tetris block is the top 6 rows here. I've sewn the 3 blocks together. I'm now ready for the rest of the 3 blocks. Game On!

I made a new palm block - greener blues. Do you think they are blue? Trouble with the blues, at my house, is that they look blue, until you look at them next to the bluer blues... see below>
so I'm counting the one on the right as a turquoise/aqua block for the rainbow challenge, until I can make the rail fence one.

 And I made a GREEN palm, too. It is definitely green... no way to think it is any other color. I like that!

Next up... RED - my fav color!  (Sorry all these pics are so tipped, but I had to take the pics on the hall wall - the design wall is taken over to baste the I Spy for the 2B Grandson... coming soon!