Thursday, November 14, 2013

Our Back Yard today

We were surprised to see our lilac blooming - today! It did bloom this spring, I guess it thought this was a second spring. (Not it's usual beautiful full cone shape, but fully scented!)

Some of the "dead" roses that my oldest son and I planted. He got them out of a dumpster at the construction site he was working at the time.

I like to call them tangerines, but they aren't the Honey kind. They are yummy! I picked 3 today - we will see if they are ready.
 Grandson (from Florida) says these are Mandarin Oranges. They are a bit milder than the above.
 Oranges - next 3 pictures - some are still green and others are almost there!

Now the Passion Flowers (a vine that starts on the neighbor's side and blooms on my side...LOL)

This Pecan was planted by my oldest son. Wish we could stay for the first nuts.
 Princess Dianna roses

 My Lavender plant - grown from a little cutting... I've given away dozens to the neighbors.
 And this Morning Glory given to me by a neighbor has been lots of Halloween plants, too. It grows wild, across the fence through the fence and along the ground where it can - up the roses, pine trees and lipstick vine on the other side of the fence... very opportunistic.
Don't want to forget this place.