Monday, June 23, 2014

I'm BAAAaaack...

We've been to the Grandgirl's Wedding and lived to tell the tale.  I even DANCED at my Granddaughter's wedding. (Not much of a dance, but we were on the dance floor and moving. That qualifies. Lots of other - younger people - didn't.)

Her "Little" Brother and younger Sister and Dad (my favorite SIL) on this side - his family on the far side. They had a special table with Chrissy's pictures with the bride as a baby and a sign saying that they knew she would have been there if she could be.... I think she was.


That wasn't the only party we got in on either... We attended the High School Graduation Party of the bride's next Sister, too. Here she is in her party dress. Isn't she gorgeous! I got to visit with her quite a while... learned she's going to college  Wants to study the CSI sciences. (I'm so impressed, and proud.) You don't know the trouble she went through to get herself graduated. A fine accomplishment.

 We are Party Animals! We took the kids out to eat a couple of times - so much fun.  And the couple went with us shopping - bless her soul she thinks I can fit into Misses! She gave me permission to wear my pedal pushers and the lacy top I brought along to wear for a possible practice party to the wedding. I even wore makeup and earrings. (That hasn't happened in a long time.)

So we were in Vancouver, WA and surrounds. Shopped for houses there for a couple of days (Hoping to move there when our house sells.) and then FABRIC.... of course.

From Fabric Depot (Portland OR) - all except one of the 14 are batiks. They were on sale 30% off. All are 1/2 yard cuts, except the 7th one (folded differently). It was near the end of the bolt, so I got 1 & 1/8th yards plus 3 inches. (The cutting lady didn't like fractions so she just threw that bit in for free.... you gotta love a place like that. (Farther down is another picture - shows more detail.)

 And from the Craft Warehouse in Vancouver I got these fat quarters, also on sale. The browner one I loved - what's wrong with me? It's butterfly wings in off white, tans, brown and gold. See below for a close-up.
 I'm thinking bento boxes with the wings surrounded by different darker browns. (I'm aghast that I'm even thinking about it.) Brown?  (I must remind you that I am pretty heavily medicated. That's my defense here.)
Here's the batiks back again. While we were there I worked on some paper pieced housewarming gifts using that red in the front... I'll show you that at a later date.  Meanwhile it's laundry already, and the H2H charity quilting started right after this.

So I hope you had a quilty week while I was gone. I look forward to reading all your blogs, but first the quilting.... June 1 was the deadline, and I'm sorry I missed that big time.