Monday, June 30, 2014

Design Wall Monday

I have a new Design Wall.
You remember that I'm trying to sell my house, and the design wall my hubby made was foam core nailed - with huge nails - to the wall. Well, that come down this week and the holes were patched and the whole thing painted... by my hubby, seen here hamming it up.

He did a wonderful job, you can't see the nail holes even when you know where they were!
I'd buy this house!

But, please don't think I have no place to design... (Oops! double negative...)

Foam core leaning with some Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks from several years back.
I've shown them before...
Some patterns for the next paper piecing project. I'm making potholders for some of my peeps.
Above is a new "I love you" hand in the works.
Oh, and this occurred this week. A hole. I picked the flowers for a backing on a H2H quilt, and had to add some extra fabric... did not notice that there was a big dip cut out of the middle edge of the flower fabric. Noticed that while sewing together. What to do?
See the hole is quite big.
To the rescue.... a little paper pieced apple core, fray checked and zig zag stitch and now it's a whole.
 All for the backing to this....
 This is the quilt with the apple core on the back. I pin basted on my dining room table. It was easier on my back than putting it up on the design wall (now nonexistent) and stitching the basting. Since then I've done some straight line stitch in the ditch, but I don't like it... Gotta do the yellow with yellow, and redo the blue, too. So there is some ripping out in my future. You know I'm putting that off.
Sew that's what I'm up to... How about you? What project occupies your mind this week? Our neighborhood has a parade of school kids on the 4th...
Oh, and Shay (in Australia) of  Quilting in my Pyjamas and I are having a giveaway and showing off our ineptness at FMQ on posts from Thursday through the Fourth... You will want to come back and see that.
Sew Hugs to you all - especially if you got this far down in the reading.