Saturday, November 19, 2011

Slipper Experiment & a Quilt Show

Hi Friends,
Today for your amusement I will show off the slippers I made. (Please, no laughing until I'm out of range.)  I even used a pattern. It's the first bit of clothing I have made in a loooong while. ( I used my afore blogged about  "genius idea", and covered the sticky material for the nonskid bottoms with paper while I sewed, and that made it possible to sew at all.  You really should try that idea.)

Nonslip Slippers:

I stuffed them with paper so they would stand on their own. I'm sending them off to my DD for her to try them out. Giraffe are her favorite animal.  Below is a different view.

Looks like I swiped some giraffe parts from the zoo... Hope you like them, DD.

And now for the River City Quilters Guild Quilt Show from Sacramento, CA some of my favorite quilts... then the camera got a bee in its bonnet, and threw a fit, so no more pictures. (Found out today - new batteries fixed the problem.)  Here are the very excellent quilts I did get pictures of. (Let me just say they look better on the pictures.  I know that seems backwards, but the lighting just wasn't that good at the Scottish Right Temple, and we were amazed what the camera picked up with the flash that we couldn't actually see standing right in front of the quilt!)

Doncha love the little baskets... so colorful.

 Love this one, so much variety of shape and color.

A different basket quilt. Must have been a challenge.

And with this picture you get a bonus segment of the quilt next to it... which is awesome, as well.

I liked the leaded glass look of this little quilt.

Sorry, that is all for today.  There are another 10 or so to show you, but the computer is just taking forever to download them... still don't have the beat of this machine.  It's supposed to be faster - buncha liars that sold it to my hubby. It keeps falling out of the Internet connection, too. Very exasperating - new technology.  I wonder if a spanking in legal?  Anybody know? Maybe a few well placed kicks. It sure would make me feel better.

Come back to see the fabric (my hubby) I won for a door prize.  I'll catch up with you in a few...