Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New fabric and beads!!!!

Hello Friends,
I want to welcome all new followers! I usually email the newest ones, but the latest one didn't have her email address available.  I love that you are interested in my ramblings, and I'll try to be more.

I also want to thank you all for your prayers for my daughter - she went in for a scan today, and no new cancer was found.  Everything is healing well, and they are changing to new locations for her radiation, so it shouldn't hurt so much.  Don't stop the prayers though.  She is not out of the woods yet.

On with the pictures~

These are two fat quarters from "River Quilts" in downtown Camas, Washington. It's a nice little store, and a very generous woman who runs it.  She donated fabrics for a  basket of goodies to be given away at their "Girl's Night Out".  My granddaughter won the basket, and that's how I got the next picture's fabrics... see below.  My granddaughter gave me some of her winnings! Sweeeeet!
  Thanks Em!!!!

These are some fabrics I bought at "The Quilter" in Vancouver, WA.  I loved this little store.  Her tastes and mine are so similar. I had a problem trying to limit myself.  These were meant to make flower pins with the grandgirls, but we went to the Bonneville Dam instead.
  Only so much time when you are on vacation.

And here's the beads.  These are from a little store in the old town part of Camas, WA called "Bead Paradise".  What an amazing store. So many beads, and so reasonable the prices. (Add things up for yourself before you go to the checkout counter.  I was over charged, I think.  I had it added up to $35.00 and he charged us $50.03. Nobody has that much taxes.) (I'd show them closer, but I don't want the grands and their mommies to see them..... Christmas - you know. Sh-sh-sh-sh....

So there you have it.  Even though I was on vacation, I didn't let my shopping duties lapse.... you know how it is.