Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Quirky Life

Hi friends,
Here's a short story about life.
       Sunday we went to Costco for lunch... m-m-m pizza. The man orders while I scavenge for a place to sit.  I find a spot - Hurray!  I'm sitting next to a big bear butt!!!!  No, I did spell bear correctly.  Someone was buying a giant teddy and had it in their cart.  We spent lunch trying out different ways of addressing this in the blog.
      Then today there's an article in the paper about dorm life these days.  When I went to college I stayed in a dorm of only girls. The other dorm was only boys and never the twain would meet.  We had a 10 pm curfew on weekday nights and 12 midnight on  Friday and Saturday... (I'm sure no one in college ever heard of a curfew these days.) Now the article says that in the "dark ages" (yes this is the exact phrase used) there were boys and girls on the same floors, but in different rooms and that now they are allowed to cohabitate in the same rooms!!!!  There are two things wrong with that.  1) That puts me before the dark ages - stop laughing!!!!  and 2) That's just not fair!  (See how I have suffered!)
       Tomorrow I promise to try to show pictures of the Halloween plants.  I transplanted the two tangerines today, and took some cuttings of my evergreens to try... see if they will root.  Lots of this is experimentation.  I'm a mad scientist.
Tune in tomorrow.