Thursday, April 16, 2015

Quilt Show Vancouver WA

Last Saturday we headed into unknown territory (in our new city) to see a quilt show. Here are a few of the excellent quilts that were shown.

I love the above minimalist quilt.
And this one is minimalist, too... and how brave to make circles. They were perfectly round, it's the quilting that distorts some of them.

I liked this Santa and Reindeer just because it's so comical.  Did you know that only female reindeer have horns at Christmas time? Does tell you how they are able to fly.

The quilting on this one is very evocative of wave swells. Just had to have a picture of that.

And since I want to make a NY Beauty some day...

Isn't this one gorgeous? But I don't remember the Pearl being a drop earring.

They ran out of ribbons, so they made up some copies and pinned those on for when the ribbons came in.
 I also want to make a landscape at some many quilts, so little time.

Sorry this one is out of focus - I liked the idea of a watercolor landscape.

This one is a combo of specific fabrics with Broderie Purse and applique. Loved it.
That's the sample I've got for you. It was an amazingly big show, lots of quilts and lots of vendors. I had a great time. Hope you enjoy this little segment.
Tomorrow we are off to see the Tulip Festival - somewhere North. I'll report back.