Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Latest...

Pray for us!!!! I just sent my hubby to make the fish for supper. He's to go pick a lemon first then put it into the oven with the frozen talapia... we shall see. I'll report back.  (Nothing happens, Ladies, unless we do it ourselves. Men think cooking just takes seconds, and there it is all done and delicious.  I had to go cook;  he needed to sit and rest after picking the lemon!!!!!!!!!!! Sound familiar?)

A little break from the Harry Potter blocks, but still paper pieced and from Sewhooked in the Free Patterns section. I used the Linus Heart without the extra section to make these.

They were going to be cards for Valentine's Day for 6 of my grandkids, but I did send them candy, and that's really all they care about.   So I still have the hearts. Either they get saved for next year's cards, or I'll use them to decorate a shirt for me, and include another heart and each will represent one of the grands. I like that idea.

This is my gift from the Valentine Floosie Swap put on by Melanie of  Houseelf Doings. We were to send out a fat quarter that we wondered what we would ever do with it, some small sewn something or candy.  Thank you Kigwit from TX.

Here's a close-up of the fabric.  Yes, it is a half yard... you know how it goes. Generous people can't help themselves....

Aaaand I made 2 crystal balls.... a green future could be a really good future!  And the second one was a brainstorm in the middle of the night.  Looks like something... just can't quite tell what.

It does look like a happy future though, doesn't it?

Sew, I'm off to sew the next heart for #7 - lucky #7, my grandson, Ben... and then I should add a +, shouldn't I, to be given a paper pieced heart rounds about August 21st! (Yup! There's a lucky #8 in process right now!)  I've already got oodles of ideas for baby quilts.  Just need to know a gender...