Friday, February 7, 2014

New Grandgirl ! finally rain and a look at the Christmas Cactus gone wild, and the glimps at the next project

I'd love to show you a picture of my new grandgirl, just born on Feb. 3, but I can't figure out how to get the picture off of the e-mail. Anyway we are very excited and we will be seeing her soon. (And taking photos.)

Maybe you can tell that we are finally getting some rain - Thanks Melanie! I was bemoaning our dry winter - quite dangerous here because no rain in the winter, no water for the rest of the year. The reservoirs were quite depleted already. We don't get rain the rest of the year.... Anywho, it is raining now, and just after I asked Melanie from the UK to send us all their extra. She said she would, and so she did!

Here's the Christmas Cactus going crazy. (Here's how to get them to produce... put them out into the garage for a couple of weeks trying to sell them at rummage sales, and they will get the idea.) This one has never been so prolific.

and a close up.

To see a quilt like I'm planning next go to Seaside Stitches. I'm making my blocks 10 inches, so it should be a good size for H2H starting soon. (You know I love red... I just can't resist.)

Have a lovely weekend! (I'm off to the eye doctor.)