Monday, October 3, 2011

# 97 I'm a winner - plus!

Hi Friends,
Remember when I won the Mystery item from Mich L. in L.A. ? I won a necklace with a wired fish on it... Here is what I received in the mail:

See the winning necklace at the bottom of the picture.  Michelle sent all the other items with it!  I am so impressed.  Thank you Michelle. I'm off to make bracelets with the beads, and maybe earrings with the crocheted flowers.

So yesterday we went to Apple Hill - it was a beautiful day in the 70s and partly cloudy. (Of course, I left the camera at home!) We walked around... looked at crafts and had lunch of pie!!!! It was fun.  While ambling,  I discovered that uphill still works, but downhill the right knee objects.  I had some trouble with ramps and stairs the week at jury selection.  Guess I'd better get some exercise to iron that out. I hate the "e" word.  Can I get a witness?  All the things I love to do are quite sedentary... well there we have it, Tary is part of the word, and that's my name - Terri.  You don't get much "e"  from quilting, making cards, knitting, reading, reading blogs and writing one or making jewelry... all things I love to do.  Guess I'll have to make room for "e" now.

A while ago I collected suspected Silk Oak seeds from a neighbor's tree.  I really didn't know if they were seeds or just dirt. (I didn't get to collecting to see them in the actual seed pods.)  I planted into yogurt cups, and one cut off 2 liter soda bottle... I have 4 "trees" out of the deal!!!!!!!  Here's a picture:

 Here are the four!!!! And below is the one with a real leaf!!! Don't you just love how little they are.

Someday they will be magnificent huge trees that are drought resistant and gorgeous!  For now they will reside in the computer room's sunny window.  There is a rain storm coming and we don't want them to wash out of their pots.  Not only that, but the squirrel likes to dig in my pots looking for edibles, and planting seeds of his own... much easier to dig in the potting soil than in the lawn.  Now I have to decide if they go for Halloween, or get babied for a year first, and then given at Halloween next year.  Silk Oaks don't drop all their leaves at once, and are therefore called evergreens. It will make it easier for the kids to believe that they are trees and not just sticks that I'm tricking them with.  One of the Catalpa has already dropped their leaves, and the Buckeyes have been leafless for months.  (Our CA kind does that... too hot here to stay dressed.  They do make lovely "seeds" that do germinate, so they aren't defaulting on the "prime objective". They are just dressing down  early, sort of a Casual Friday for them.)

Some folks in the blogosphere are doing a Blogtober - a sort of promise to blog everyday for 31 days straight.  No can do here.  I just don't have that much of any interest going on here. Like do you want to know that the Hubs is cleaning out the gutters today?  No, I didn't think so.

Love all you visitors - especially you commenters.  I haven't been particularly faithful at answering you back lately... but I'm really enjoying your thoughts.  Keep up the good work.

To my special little girl, I found a quote you might like...

"When it is dark enough, you can see the stars."  Ralph Waldo Emerson

On that note...
Hugs to you and yours!