Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pig Faced Orange, Gift and Spring Coming

Now don't let yourself be scared by this picture... It isn't evil. It's just the Pig Faced Orange - famous throughout our house. Lol  I'd guess a branch gouged into the outer parts of this orange right where eyes would be.  (We leave our oranges to store on the tree - and ripen as long as they can. Once picked they start to rot. They are amazingly sweet! So we pick some for a week or so, and when we run out, pick another batch.)

 Above is the lovely gift I got from Val  in the mail this week. Thanks Val. It lead me to an idea for a swap. Anyone interested in swapping bright or springy fabrics in a kind of chain letter sort of way?  I'll accumulate names (links) if you leave a comment  saying you want to join in on the fun. We'll each send  3 - 10" blocks (from stash) to one name on the list that I'll make up and show on Wednesday next week. (I'm having company from England on Monday and Tuesday.)  Val's gift lifted my spirits, and we all need a bit of that now that winter is old.  What do you say? Are you in?
Here I'm going on about winter being old, and we have hardly had one here.  My flowers are starting to come out...
I have no idea what these are called, but they are reliable bloomers twice a year! (Don't you love reliable bloomers? Lol)  I call them Pig Ears, a gift from my neighbor to help with the Halloween plant give away. I've given 4 or 5 plants every year since, and the plant just keeps on giving.

Buds on the apricots!

Buds on the oranges!
So I hope this bit of California Sunshine lifted you out of the white stuff for a while. Remember to leave a comment to get in on the swap.