Sunday, October 9, 2016

Scrap Project

I was working on little houses and I ran out of background. I looked first in the light blue fabric box, but none like it.  Then I got the "brilliant" idea to check out my scraps... page down please....

This is two more unsorted grocery shopping bags full of snippets and scraps - page down please

This is what I am doing with my snippets. This represents the previous 3 shopping bags already sorted. There is a drawer for cool fabrics and one for warm colors, a small drawer for white, black, grey and browns and a small drawer for blocks already made that I'll save for a scrap quilt like the last one. Oh and here's a box of more snippets to sort - see below.

Hopefully out of the box and two bags left to sort I'll find enough of the print I already started to use on one of the houses... If not, I may just use some other blue... or I'll have to rip - NOOOOOOOOOO!
So at the present that is my Scrap Project. 
Grandson is okay in FL... He let me know via Facebook.)
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Have a lovely Sunday.