Sunday, June 26, 2011

Some fabric, some berries...

An odd assortment of things today....

(Even though I haven't finished the XXXs and OOOs yet) I started an I Spy yesterday with the fabric  from the swap.  I'm going to "frame" each of the 5" blocks with a 1.5" border of tone on tone jewel tone fabrics.  Here are some that will have different reds as borders. The red square will have an orange border because of the one orange chair. I try to use either a color from the fabric, or a complimentary color.
 Boysenberries I picked in my yard this morning.  They were great with our cereal.
 Here is the promised peek at my little log cabin block. It might look big here, but it measures only 2 1/4 inches now, and will be trimmed 1/4" on all 4 sides and embedded in the "mold to be" that hangs above it.  I found the "mold" yesterday while prowling JoAnn's Craft Store. It is a cutter for fondant that I found in the cake decorating aisle.   The end result may be a pin.  My mind has been going towards jewelry lately, and I think this will be immersed in resin.  We will see. I've never used resin, and it scares me...

How do you like these fabrics that I couldn't do without while shopping yesterday. Pretty, huh?  I've been coveting a couple of them for a long time now, and just let myself get a quarter yard yesterday. I see a quilt there, but what pattern, I don't have a clue.  Got a suggestion?

So that does it for me, for today anyway. I started out early though, and you never know what excitement may present itself.  I may have something wonderful to share.