Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Night Sew In

Tonight I'm joining a bunch of other bloggers on the Friday Night Sew In.  Go over to  Crafty Vegas Mom
and see how to do it.  You just sign up on her blog, then link to her blog in your post, (you can join in without a blog, but I didn't read that part)  then sew something... you can show it on Flikr or not.  I don't have a Flikr account, and at this point I just don't want to sign up for something else on this laptop - I'm afraid I'll fill it's silly little head with too much puddin'.  You know what I mean.  Nothing worse than a crashing computer.  Somehow they haven't figured out, or I haven't figured out, how full a machine memory is at any given point.  So any picture I might put on the net will be here at my post.  It's not a requirement.  (TV on Fridays is crappy, so I'd rather sew.)

This week my DD had her second to last chemo treatment.  (A very guarded Yeah!) I'm typing this with crossed fingers.  She usually feels better by Sunday - at least she has the other 4 times.  And my BIL had a stroke.  He is making remarkable improvements, so we are all rooting for him, too.  I went  for tests yesterday, and other than I am too sweet, I am doing fine.  (That was definitely expected, though.  I've been diabetic for over 11 years now.)  I hope you are all doing fine, too. Come on back to see what sewing I did.
Heart all you followers!   Thanks for stopping bye!