Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a card and little plant progress and links to the Jelly Roll Races!

Hi Friends,
I took a picture of a card - again - I know...   So lets go right to the pictures, shall we.

This is the lower left on the envelope... I know he's a grown man, but he likes Harry Potter, too, and shouldn't the joy of childhood continue into adulthood?  Lets allow ourselves some fun.

Here's the card.  I figured anybody could use a little Felix Felicis, even if they are lucky enough to be having another birthday.  This is the block I showed on yesterday's post. Dolls up nicely... You wouldn't believe how long it took me to put it all together.

 Now to the plants!  These two tiny sprouts will be massive Elm trees some day. Our trip to Colousa was wonderfully productive. There are two others, too, that sprouted.  We will have to make that trip again next year.
This is one of the nicer Catalpa trees  I started last year for the trick or treaters.  Most of them were not chosen because by the time Halloween comes around they've dropped their leaves, and it looks like the batty old witch is trying to give away dead plants.  I want one in my yard, but the hobby doesn't want to mow around it.  Guess I'll just get it a bigger pot.

I promised another blogger that I would help them find the Jelly Roll Quilt directions on line, so I'll do that and come back with that info.... Just talk amongst yourselves.
And here it is a link to the site with a You Tube video of the races on it.
This should show you how to make a quicky jelly roll quilt, and if you buy the right colored JR you can have your gift done in no time.

"Well, I'm off" - as my hobby sez every time he leaves the house.  He's good at giving me all the straight lines I can handle.   I'm going to do some laundry now... ho, hum.  Then I'll hit the sewing room for some excitement.  Maybe I'll work on my jelly roll from Sheila's Pay It Forward. It's been calling to me.
                                          Come back to see how it works out.